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– frode –

wall art – frode – brings authentic northern feel to the room. powerful, yet majestic moose is a symbol of wisdom and confidence.

– moose –

minimal design of these powerful horns of the forest king lightens up the the room and at the same time creates a character on its own. horns are handcrafted from the felt so it’s soft texture and icy look give a perfect northern touch to the interior.

– nordfold –

plant tubes that give the surroundings a northern touch. plants are like living souls in interior design and felt tubes are a perfect way to make plants stand out and adapt with rest of the interior elements. available in different sizes. nordic design, made in estonia.
measures: d14 h10; d16 h14; d20 h15

– alviss –

simple nursery wall art of a giraffe – alviss – combined with other motives this can be just the missing part of a perfect nursery collage! texture of the felt gives a warm feel, combined with pastel background color is ideal to create a scandinavian look in the nursery.

– berg –


simple signature design for those who appreciate minimal. slim unisex document briefcase or a laptop bag with removable wristband.  simple cut gives a sophisticated and modern look.


– flipper –

nursery wall art – flipper – is carefully hand folded from paper. unique 3D look makes it stand out from the others, origami triangles give real northern look and edgy touch to whole room.

– flos –

wall art, family of 3. handcrafted from felt. gives a warm yet simple look to the nursery. elephant is the symbol of wisdom also good luck, happiness and longevity. everything one little person might need in life!

– harete –

wall art – harete – brings a little magic to every nursey. Inspired of forest farytales.

– hjo –

simple signature design for those who appreciate minimal. oversized unisex briefcase, an edgy addition to sharp office look. verstile case for laptop up to 17” or toting your art portfolio, drawings, etc. front flap fastens with a magnetic snaps.