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– frode –

wall art – frode – brings authentic northern feel to the room. powerful, yet majestic moose is a symbol of wisdom and confidence.

– moose –

minimal design of these powerful horns of the forest king lightens up the the room and at the same time creates a character on its own. horns are handcrafted from the felt so it’s soft texture and icy look give a perfect northern touch to the interior.

– nordfold –

plant tubes that give the surroundings a northern touch. plants are like living souls in interior design and felt tubes are a perfect way to make plants stand out and adapt with rest of the interior elements. available in different sizes. nordic design, made in estonia.
measures: d14 h10; d16 h14; d20 h15

– flipper –

nursery wall art – flipper – is carefully hand folded from paper. unique 3D look makes it stand out from the others, origami triangles give real northern look and edgy touch to whole room.

– norel –

wallart – norel – is carefully handfolded from the paper. spatial structure of origami gives bunni its unique 3D look.

– diamond –

origami style handcrafted paper sealing decoration. also great as a self- decor. It’s clean lines and unique apparel creates a modern northern touch to interior

– diamond –

minimalistic geometric wall art – diamond – is carefully handgrafted from felt. perfect for fitting into wall art collage, or just on its own.